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Depression  | Rebekah Saxanoff MSW LCSW - New Bern, NC

Anxiety and Depression can be indicative of life experiences that have left their mark on us. It has been my experience that our current limitations and self-defeating patterns of behavior are often in place for "good reason". It is in learning how our past experiences are still derailing us that we become free of those patterns. This enables us to step into a more honest, authentic life, reflecting more truly who we really are.

Individuals suffering depressive disorders are often prone to other conditions that further complicate their lives and careers. In some cases, the disorder is induced by another ailment, such as PTSD, the emotional effects of childhood trauma or generalized anxiety. When co-existing with another condition, coping with an already complicated and stressful world can feel overwhelming.

Depression is more than just "feeling blue," and it shouldn't be dismissed as something that might just go away on its own. It's a serious condition, one that merits professional assistance and care. So how can you know if you, or a loved one, is suffering a depressive disorder? Here's a quick checklist of possible indications.

• Emotional withdrawal, or a general reluctance to engage emotionally
• Difficulty concentrating or making decisions
• Fatigue
• Decreased energy
• Insomnia or excessive sleeping
• Overeating or loss of appetite
• Loss of interest in activities that were once considered interesting and pleasurable
• Suicidal thoughts

Any one of these, on its own, may be a positive indication that someone you know is suffering from depression. The more indicators apply, the higher the chances of a positive diagnosis. And as with any serious ailment, it's important to seek help before long-lasting, serious damage occurs.

So if you suspect that you, or a loved one might be suffering from a depressive disorder, don't hesitate to contact me in New Bern, NC.